@goat prod web server: reid, nextcloud instance: farah, mail server: keele, mail security server: valkyrie, znc bouncer: meredy, vpn server: velvet, ns1: inferia, ns2: meredy, hypervisor: celestia, masto instance: max. Home PC: Samus, Thinkpad: icebeam, macbook: SA-X. home network is 'zebes.something'.

@neil if you're looking for a venue, I recommend the lucky sparrow in the south side, very good place. nice staff.

That's me denounced other forms of social media, no more bird site or zuck site. It's weird, I still have the muscle memory of sitting down at my home pc, opening a new tab then typing twi and hitting enter. It will be great in the long run though.

Alc, selfie, ec 

@doe Sorry! I misplaced them last night (sat them somewhere that I forgot in the morning), I *promise* next time you can get to the cafe they'll be there for you. (I found them again, and they're waiting to be taken in now)... Sorry sorry!

@Xystel Debian! Though, it's a bit of a stockholm syndrome relationship, I've just used it for so long that I stick with it. help me.

@doe nothing, you can just have it. and uhh I'll be at the cafe on Sunday, but I can give it to sadie tomorrow and she can keep it there if and you can pick it up whenever if you want.

@doe you want these? I've recently cleaned them and they're sitting about unused.

birdsite account got suspended because I called a terf a snake. lmao, old rules dictate that that makes me the winner.

think it might soon be time to retire my old thinkpad T61. ya done good. :'(

someone send some spiced ginger irn bru my way when you get a chance, cheers.

installed my masto instance vhd in a remote storage used for backups, and was wondering why the vm was running like a pun of mince, I misclicked, and instead of using the hw raid lvm, used an ftp mount. genius.

@fiona can we not talk about computers pls, it's a bit of a touchy subject just now cause i just got sacked from my job at the keyboard factory for not putting in enough shifts.

@doe yeah that one is lost on me, wtf is he on about??

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i dont know how to computer