someone send some spiced ginger irn bru my way when you get a chance, cheers.

installed my masto instance vhd in a remote storage used for backups, and was wondering why the vm was running like a pun of mince, I misclicked, and instead of using the hw raid lvm, used an ftp mount. genius.

@fiona can we not talk about computers pls, it's a bit of a touchy subject just now cause i just got sacked from my job at the keyboard factory for not putting in enough shifts.

@doe yeah that one is lost on me, wtf is he on about??

@doe D: piss. I don't think there's a way around that for the moment, but, fuck Windows. Peepooprietary.

@doe lvm? (I don't know if it can do lvm stuff yet, granted it's been a long time since I checked)

@doe it *should* mount them as readable disks, assign drive letters and all that windows pish, are they readable within linux?

@doe the sheer idea of it is some sort of sorcery, I can't mind if I used that or ext2read, but either way....

I want to create something that's not just a big lame file dump site, but I don't know what. how to???

@doe I sometimes feel like burning it down, but I use it personally and there's a lot of good use cases for it. Here's today's traffic so far. This is a slow day.

@doe you don't know the half of it. Some of the content that passes through there is... something else.

i dont know how to computer