@doe you want these? I've recently cleaned them and they're sitting about unused.

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@ryan oh no wait dang it's ANSI? ISO only baby

@ryan fuck it i'll take them and get a cool ISO enter somewhere (or just keep the das one)

@ryan oh shit nice, how much are you wanting for it? and when are you around?

@doe nothing, you can just have it. and uhh I'll be at the cafe on Sunday, but I can give it to sadie tomorrow and she can keep it there if and you can pick it up whenever if you want.

@ryan sure! i'm out in town tomorrow anyway so i may as well swing by the cafe too, cheers

@doe Sorry! I misplaced them last night (sat them somewhere that I forgot in the morning), I *promise* next time you can get to the cafe they'll be there for you. (I found them again, and they're waiting to be taken in now)... Sorry sorry!

@ryan haha it's okay, i'll be there on saturday for the party so i'll get them then!

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